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 Mangools Review 2022 Top-Notch Seo


I have one recommendation for you if you

Find strategies to increase your search engine

Access to the right SEO tools Yes

Although some tools are only available for a fee but

This is the whole point of blogging you can only

Make money from blogging if you are willing to post it

Time and money to do this as there are few SEOs

Tools can help you if you've been blogging for a while

You may have heard of kw kw finder

It is one of the most used and effective

Keyword research tools if you're like me

You'll spend more time trying to come up with a like

Too many profitable keywords can lead to distraction

The company behind kw finder is one of the best SEO

The tools that you can find today in this video I will do

Review all 5 SEO tools in depth

So buckle up exactly what is Mangles manges

It is an SEO toolkit that includes five SEO tools

KO SERP Finder SERP Monitor SERP Checker Link Miner

And the profile of the site now let's go through the details

Where I will go through each tool in great depth

Keyword Finder is the ultimate keyword research tool

So how do you use kw finder to find something very good

Long tail keywords that will promote your website

Total Traffic and Sales Here's a quick tutorial on

How to use kw finder to do a keyword search

Step 1 Go to kw finder and type any keyword

Want me to use WordPress themes as a keyword

To identify relevant and long-tail keywords

Related as an example you can also choose any

The country you want us India UK etc choose for you

Preferred language and then click Search Keywords

The second step is after clicking on the search words

A button will appear to you with a list

For all related keywords plus fortune

From the information let's take a look at each of them

We'll start with keyword ideas individually

Along with keyword recommendations

And their expected traffic will notice a

Lots of stuff in the keyword suggestion section

Other than the keyword ideas that

Related to your intended keywords

What else do you notice and what exactly do they do

Implicit means let me briefly explain it to you direction

Research trend over the past twelve months in

Last 12 months average monthly search volume

average cost per click keywords ppc

Competition announcement level from 0 to 100

kd seo keyword complexity based on search engine optimization

We will get to these stats da pa cf tf lps etc

Within a minute, what do you need to know before

You go in search of the most valuable long tail

Keywords in your niche let's move on to

The second half of the difficulty of the equation keywords

Which indicates how difficult it is to arrange for

Specific term in Google search results example

The term WordPress themes has a difficult keyword

67 out of 100 makes it difficult to get ranked in

Google will notice the trend of monthly search volume

Plus difficult keywords so you can

Easily find out if the keyword you want

Still popular or not if you want to choose

The best keywords with less difficulty always

Use the following keyword difficulty chart

Difficulty choosing keywords

Level below 40 is the best choice

Let's move on to the last section of the kw . finder

serp analysis tool that shows the most important pages that

It is already ranked on the top ten Google results

You will also notice a large number of other important things

Metrics like dapacftf lps fb r links rd and

ri to determine the level of your competition

target phrase if you are not sure what da pa and . are

Other metrics here mean a quick explanation of

Help you understand it while evaluating keywords

Efficiency of google serp first page of results

From a Google search for the query you entered

Average Top SEO Competitiveness

10 pages are used to calculate overall SEO

Red indicates a high level of SEO

The green color indicates a low level

From the competitiveness of SEO to lps profile public link

strength outlook authority domain url dia

How well your website ranks in search engines

Page authority pia predicts how good a particular page is

cf will result in search engines citation flow is a

Majestic product that calculates how prominent the url is

Depends on how many websites you connect to

tf trust link quality flows into links

The number of external authorities that pass links to

url fb number of times the url was shared

On Facebook, Ivy estimates the number of visits per month at

The position of the serpent be sure to consider everything

So you can choose the perfect keywords

Profitable and Low in Competition The third step

Now that you are familiar with the majority of kw

Finding metrics will be much easier to get to know

Low competitive long tail keywords for your target

So you can increase your search traffic

and sales using it on your sites

Let's take a look at how to choose the best

Keywords from the list as soon as you enter a file

Preferred Term Sort results by searching in

Get rid of any keywords with a high monthly volume

To rank higher on Google, search for terms with a

Search volume less than 2000 searches per month

Link the tool here


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