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We will summarize for you the most important breaking news on one page. It will be a summary of all the breaking news for the last 24 hours, and it will be breaking news from all over the world.


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l 15 minutes ago

Erdogan: Terrorist organizations must be confronted and expelled from Syria


l 16 minutes ago

Iranian President: The international community must take responsibility for the Syrian refugees


l 22 minutes ago

Putin: We are coordinating with Iran and Turkey to solve the Syrian crisis and reduce violence


l 1 hour ago

The Iran-Russia-Turkey tripartite summit begins in Tehran


l 1 hour ago

The Kremlin: Putin announces progress in talks on the export of Ukrainian grain and thanks Erdogan


l 2 hours ago

A state of high alert has been declared in London to confront the fires


l 2 hours ago

Declare a state of maximum alert in London to confront the extended fires


l 2 hours ago

Fires spread in east London to reach apartment buildings


l 4 hours ago

Reuters: The Russian Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will resume work after the completion of maintenance work

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l 5 hours ago

Reuters: EU to ease sanctions on Russian banks to facilitate food trade


l 5 hours ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Tehran to participate in the tripartite summit with Erdogan and President


l 6 hours ago

Central Bank of Lebanon employees announce a 3-day strike after the raid on the bank in the context of the prosecution of Riad Salameh


l 6 hours ago

World Meteorological Organization: We expect additional deaths due to heat wave in Europe


l 6 hours ago

Our correspondent: The Iraqi judiciary opens an investigation into the leaks attributed to the owners


l 7 hours ago

The International Monetary Fund warns of a severe blow to the European economy due to the Russian gas outage


l 7 hours ago

Turkish Ministry of Defense: 7 PKK militants neutralized in northern Iraq


l 7 hours ago

Erdogan: Kurdish parties listed on the terrorist list pose a threat to Iran as well


l 7 hours ago

Erdogan: Continuing joint action between Turkey and Iran will raise trade exchange to $30 billion


l 7 hours ago

Britain records the highest temperature in its history after exceeding 39.1 degrees


l 8 hours ago

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei during his meeting with Erdogan: A military strike in Syria will harm the region and benefit the terrorists


l 8 hours ago

UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed meets French Prime Minister


l 9 hours ago

French Prime Minister receives UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed


l 10 hours ago

Reuters on the Saudi Foreign Minister: Without the collective cooperation of OPEC +, it will be impossible to ensure sufficient oil supplies


l 10 hours ago

Our sources: Turkish military reinforcements have arrived in the Jabal Al-Zawiya area in the Syrian province of Idlib


l 11 hours ago

US Treasury Secretary: We will continue to work with South Korea to end Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions


l 11 hours ago

Deputy Chairman of the Russian National Security Council Dmitry Medvedev: Russia will achieve its goals in Ukraine and peace will be on our terms


l 11 hours ago

French President Emmanuel Macron: The strategic partnership we are strengthening will bring the UAE and France closer than ever


l 16 hours ago

Morocco's El Bakkali wins gold in the 3000m steeplechase



l 22 hours ago

Ukraine's president sacks 28 officials of the domestic intelligence service of various levels


l 23 hours ago

UAE President meets French President at Versailles Palace


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