As grocery inflation reaches a 13-year high, the average UK food bill climbs by £380 per year.

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As discounters, shoppers gravitate to own-label items. Living prices are a boon for Aldi and Lidl.


in the last month, supermarket inflation reached 8.3%, the highest level in 13 years, adding £380 to annual costs as the cost of living rises.


According to the most recent Kantar data, sales at all of the major supermarkets declined as buyers shifted to discounters Aldi and Lidl and purchased more own-label items in an effort to keep spending under control.


In the three months to June 12, sales of supermarkets' lowest own-label products increased by 12%, while sales of Aldi and Lidl increased by 7.9% and 9.5 percent, respectively. Aldi's grocery market share is 9.6%, less than 1% behind Morrisons, which saw sales fall by 7.2 percent in the three-month period, making it the market's greatest loss.


"The inflation statistic makes for uncomfortable reading, and buyers will be watching budgets closely as the cost of living problem takes its toll," said Fraser Decent, Kantar's head of retail and consumer intelligence.


" "According to our latest analysis, the average annual food expenditure will rise by £380.. This is more than £100 higher than the figure we reported in April of this year, demonstrating how quickly prices have risen and the impact inflation is having on the industry."




He claimed that the most expensive items were dog food, butter, and milk, while spirits were the least expensive.


The newest indication of growing inflation comes after the UK's grocery trade organization predicted that price increases this summer might reach 15%, the highest level in more than 20 years. According to a research released last week, high inflation could linger until the middle of next year.


The war in Ukraine, a major grain and oil seed producer, is fueling food price inflation. Export disruptions, as well as sanctions on Russia, a major grain and petrochemical exporter, as well as Covid-related production halts in China and export bans on essential food items including palm oil from Indonesia and wheat from India.

According to Kantar, despite the money-saving trend, families splurged during the platinum jubilee celebrations, purchasing a third more wine and 35 percent more ice cream than during a typical week. Lemon curd sales increased by 16 percent as more individuals attempted to make the official jubilee trifle.

t was a more than £100 increase on the extra sum households were paying in April, adding to the acute cost-of-living problem, which is exacerbated by rising energy bills and record petrol prices.


"This is almost £100 higher than the figure we reported in April this year, demonstrating the recent sharp price hikes and the impact of inflation on the sector," said Fraser McDevitt, Kantar's head of retail and consumer research.


Despite a 0.4 percent increase in the final four weeks, sales declined by 1.9 percent in the 12 weeks to June 12, according to the data, with Brits preferring own-label products (up 12 percent) over branded ones (2.9 percent )

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