How to become a great Hacker

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How to become a great Hacker

!!!! You need to make sure that the hack is surely a business

!!! The hack teach you how to think of people

  ??? Every one Ask How I can Hack and I didnt have any idea

 !!! Thats Why I am Here I will make every thing Clear

Hacking represents an interesting conflict of interest in the technological world today

Sadly, the image of a hacker is greatly exaggerated and many look to it as a glamorous career choice that gives them power over the world

Yes this is the reality

: First Step

: What hacker

First, you need to understand the difference between a 'hacker' and a 'cracker'. Crackers conform to the traditional image of hacking as they steal information from computers by breaking the security barriers. Crackers gain unauthorized access to computers and use the information they receive for their own selfish  intentions. Cracking is illegal and an unjust means of earning moneySecond Step 

:  Second Step

: How

To be a hacker, you have to have the skills. Hackers will not let show offers waste their time, but they know how to recognize competence where it is, in particular piracy competence, but more generally, any competence is appreciated. Internet humbles! Having skills that few have is particularly appreciated and having skills that involve alertness, skill and focus is even better

: Third Step

: Write open source software

Write programs that other hackers will find fun or useful. Give your source codes so that all hackers benefit. So, in this world of hackers, there are real "demigods", those who composed and shared these great programs which met a real need and which are now used by all

: Fourth Step

: Test and debug open source software

Any open source author worthy of the name will tell you that a good beta version tester (who knows how to clearly describe the symptoms, locate the problems, diagnose bugs in a brief report and who is able to set up some simple diagnostic routines ) is worth its weight in g

Try to find a program under development that interests you and be a good beta tester. In this environment, there is a natural progression, from testing the programs to modifying the said programs via their debugging. You will learn a lot this way and you will have good karma with people who, in turn, will help you later

: Fifth Step

: Post useful information

It is very well seen to work to collect and filter useful and interesting information published on the Web or in documents like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and to make this information available. Those in charge of updating the technical FAQs get in return a great recognition almost as great as the open source programmers

: Sixth Step

:  Be at the service of hacker culture

It is not something that you will be able to do immediately. You will have to prove yourself for quite a while and gain notoriety in one of the four areas mentioned above

In the hacker culture, there are no leaders strictly speaking, but there are a few heroes, but also Elders, historians and spokespersons. When you have proven yourself in the field, you may be able to integrate one of these categories

Warning ! Hackers are always wary of the ego of their elders, so achieving this notoriety is not without danger. Do not seek recognition, do what you have to do and it will arrive soon enough. So be modest and grateful for your status

.Just understand good to get the correct way

: The Seventh Step

: Learn alternative operating system

Many people today run some version of Microsoft Windows, which is fine for home and office use, but it is also a  good idea to learn alternative operating systems such as Linux

Learning a Linux distro not only helps broaden your experience, but is a necessity when wanting to navigate Linux based servers running websites and other web service

.Like that you can build your skills

I advise you to take all this instructions into consideration

Be patient and you will be more consience about this domain

I hope that you enjoy and get informed with this sample information

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